New and better experience for your customers.

Website & Mobile

Retail is no longer merely having good product and window display. Various engagement with your customers at your store become even more critical to convert your customers. Keeping in-store experience interesting and engaging defines the winner. Tradition process like delivery or loyalty card needs to be digitized to keep them still relevant to your customer.

Apart from our software development capability, ThinkRetail has vast experience in IoT devices and machine learning technique, which enables your unique ideas to be implemented with the state-of-the-art technique and finishing inside your store. Whether there is a software driven, or complete setup with many types of devices, even custom devices that suits the very special need of your business.

Digitization is a lengthy process. ThinkRetail helps to break the process down into smaller steps and bring it forward one step at a time.


In-store Engagement

Fill your store with new engagement concepts. Whenever you have a concept, we have the implementation.


Digitize your processes

Turn brick-and-mortar process into a digital process, integrate with your customers’ day-to-day life.


IoT and AI

IoT in detail means more innovation to engage. Adding AI and machine learning to make it feel more natural.