Mobile Development

Realize your new digitization concept quickly in quality.


Your business on Mobile

Mobile has become a critical channel for any business today. ThinkRetail has the expertise in your need to implement any of your new mobile initiative, from completely online business, O2O initiatives to store digitiazation concepts. At ThinkRetail, apart from our core software implementation service, we also focus particularly on user experience and design to bring out the best of your ideas. Our experience in various retail technologies, including Bluetooth, Beacon, RFID, QR code, Machine Learning and AI, will make your mobile initiative to be more effective and easily connect to your users.

What We Do?

UX User Experience

Modern and functional design to minimize friction when your user start adopting your mobile solution.

Scalable Design

We build all systems with scalability in mind. Start small and get ready for your big hit.

Quality Assurance

Ensure top notch quality while progressing quickly with your implementation.

Swift Implementation

Quick turn around on our software development based on Agile methodology.

Retail Technology

Work with major technologies: Bluetooth, QR code, location based system, RFID, smart tags.

Machine Learning and AI

Bring machine learning to analysis or make prediction from your data. AI based techniques particularly computer visions to assist your user or collect more relevant data for your business.