About ThinkRetail

ThinkRetail –  We THINK for RETAIL.

We provide digital solutions to retail customer,  help retail businesses to optimize their operation and reaching out to more customer.
With us, you can now focus what grows your business.

15-year experience with retailers, comprehensive skills in Software Development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and IoT.

Web & Mobile Development

Swift Development using latest technologies

AI and Machine Learning

Apply AI to your day to day problem

IoT & Digitization

Enhance efficiency and interaction

Digital Team Th!nk Teams

by ThinkRetail

Digital Roster

Scheduling tasks and communicate with your team effectively.

Team Operation

Track progress and reports on a real-time basis

Performance Tracking

Track and optimize store performance with your teams.

Mobile Training

Training on mobile and track team progress

Team Engagement

Engaging and interacting with your teams – enterprise Social Network

Reports and Dashboard

Management reports and dashboard to vizualize your data and performance.


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Digital Display
Th!nk Spots

by ThinkRetail

Th!nk Spots is a scalable digital display and advertisement management platform, combined with stock monitoring and in-store location based system for advance use cases.

Spotize -by ThinkRetail

Digital Display made easy with

Centralized Content

Manage your content from our cloud console, ensure correct and consistent content across your locations.

Plug and Play

Work with your existing screens with our plug & play player, using ThinkSpots as public or private cloud.

Advertisement Ready

Design to include advertisement inside your store.

Price Tag

Integration with your product data and use the same display for price tag and advertisement.

Stock Management

Different sensor technologies to monitor the inventory level on your shelves. Receive alert when stock runs low.

Instore Location

Determine location of your staff, shopping cart, shopping basket and their path. Provide relevant information based on their current position.

Build Business Website

Responsive Web Design (RWD) with your Custom Domain.

Events Management

Help you organize your events and help to collect even data to improve the overall event experience.

Inventory Management

Manage and edit your product information effortlessly.

Order and Operation Management

Managing your orders and operation on the same panel.

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