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for Any Screen and Business

ThinkSpots is a smart and scalable digital signage system built for different business, for example retailers. With a centralized management system hosted on the cloud (or your own private cloud), you can easily manage how content is shown on every screen in your stores. And, turn any of the screens to a digital signage showing your products, promotions, price, real time people counting, etc.

Spotize -by ThinkRetail


Manage all your screens from our cloud console, play individual content or a  loop of playlist based on the schedule you set. It ensure correct and consistent content across your locations.


Start using ThinkSpots as a cloud service, or deploy ThinkSpots on your own private cloud depend on your needs.


Turn any of your screens to a digital signage just with our plug & play player device.


Design to integrate with various data sources, POS, weather or promotion information.


Create concise and professional promotion slides in an instant using ThinkSpots content builder.

Website and Mobile Application

You can make advanced settings and create contents using ThinkSpots website, and use ThinkSopts mobile app to perform some simple tasks, such as setting up your screens and monitoring their performance. Having both the web and mobile app, therefore you can manage your screens more handily and effectively.

Customize your digital signage

You can design your own digital signage and show any content you want on your screens. For example, promotion information and graphics, real time information like people counting, product price, date and time, weather, etc.

Create beautiful and informative content using Th!nkSopts.

Impress your customers or visitors and promote your business with amazing digital signage.


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